Three weeks of training blew by so quickly, it’s hard to believe it’s over. Here is a brief review of some of the highlights.

  • Everyone arrived safely and with no substantial delays; this is a huge win to start with since so many had never traveled outside of North America on their own.
  • Next Steps participants eagerly spread their wings, discovering the area on their own taking tuktuks and even braving an occasional bus ride. Cafe’s, tea rooms and other attractions were mapped out quickly.
  • Week one’s focus, “Who I Am” in Christ helped to remind all of us of our position in Christ and resulting authority to walk in our calling. God did some very personal affirming during this week.
  • First weekend services were a huge success as Next Steppers led in worship and were engaged in ministry during altar calls. The morning service was followed by a nice meal, a rest time, and then a rousing introduction to “Cricket.” Our teams acquitted themselves surprisingly well.
  • The focus of week two, “Where I Am,” gave valuable information to participants concerning regional and national customs and protocols as well as religious strongholds in the area. Additionally there were deep moves of the Holy Spirit and a realization of our true authority in intercession and spiritual warfare.
  • During this weekend, participants enjoyed a cultural exchange by visiting an elephant orphanage outside the city and enjoyed rides and even giving elephants a bath in the river.
  • A special weekend service outside the city was completely run by Next Steps participants. They planned the service and implemented it extremely well. Good singing, testimonies and preaching all done by Next Steps participants.
  • Week three focused on, “What I Am,” as Next Steppers really began putting the pieces together concerning what areas of ministry are open to them to pursue as either a “Global Christian,” or a “Next Gen” missionary. Additional material was covered to help them know some of the ins and outs of the Associates In Missions program.
  • A special dinner was hosted by the hotel as a thank you and recognition of our group for their general demeanor, kindness, and respectful treatment of their hotel staff. A huge compliment and a witness in their “community.”
  • The final weekend before apprenticing began, Next Steppers prayer walked on Saturday near the central church location, and held a powerful prayer meeting at the headquarters church. On Sunday, one of the hotel staff brought his family to the church to find out more about what made our group so special. It was a great way to end the training period.

Angie Clark
Next Steps Sri Lanka: Training Coordinator

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If you have journeyed all the way to this page, I would venture a guess and say your interest in missions and this program is more than just casual. Let me share my experience with you and Lord willing one day we will cross paths and you can tell me how your life was changed by this amazing program.

It is always an incredible experience when the Next Step crew first assembles. Many of them complete strangers to each other yet bonded by a shared faith and passion for missions. Jet lag, delayed baggage and general exhaustion seemed to have no affect on this group. The unfamiliar is all around them and yet the atmosphere is permeated by the sense of being exactly where they need to be.

From the very first class to the moment after I blinked and I was getting on a plane to leave, this group never ceased to amaze me. For three weeks we began each day with prayer, worship and a devotion done by one of our Next Steppers. We witnessed times as our worship team would lead us into the presence of God, devotions that would challenge, encourage and inspire and times in prayer that would forever leave us changed.

But it’s not all about us. If it was we wouldn’t have went.  No, it was a young man who came to the city for work but through our participants got connected to a local pastor and joined us for church. It was for a young lady who felt as though God was far from her but wept as she shared how the ministry of our group changed her. It is for the many souls filled with the Holy Ghost along the way and these are just a couple stories of many that underscore the reason why we go.

The training that was received over the past three weeks cannot be found anywhere else. There was literally hundreds of years of missionary experience in those classes. Missionaries travel every year to teach in this program because they believe in people just like you. People who feel the burden for missions and are unsure what to do next. If what I have written has resonated with you at all, if missions is a burden that you can’t seem to get away from, I strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider your next step. Make missions a reality.

Jeremy Durand
Next Steps Tanzania: Training Coordinator

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