AYC Rocks!! All you AYCers out there know how addictive summer travel + missions can be. All year long you plot for your next hit and with each AYC trip you come away with more friends, more memories, and anticipation for the “next one.”

This is one of the reasons why the NEXT STEPS program is perfect for you. We give you, not two, but eight weeks of pure missions excitement! Included are three weeks of training and five weeks of apprenticeship on location overseas. You get to make life-long friends, mix it up with the locals, and hang out with missionaries…minus the whirlwind.

AYC trips are incredible, life after AYC, not so much. Come, on! Take the next step in your journey to fulfillment. Plan now to join us for EIGHT WEEKS OF AWESOME in the summer of 2014!


[Contact Pat (pmorgan at upci dot org) for more information.]




Next Steps