Author: Jim Poitras

You may have thought from the title that this is a blog about gripes concerning young people. Nope. Far from it! Recently, I spent three marvelous weeks on Guam, where they say America’s day begins; probably because the island is fifteen hours ahead of us in places like St. Louis.

Each day, a couple hours after the sun rose, we staggered into a waiting classroom. We covered over seventy sessions equipping young—and not so young—minds for missionary and ministry service.

Each day I looked into the faces of fourteen amazing, anointed, able, apostolic, developing individuals.

I …

Sensed their passion

Saw their vision

Felt their burden

Listened to their devotion

Studied their gifting

Discussed their future

Dreamed of their destiny

Heard their prayers

Applauded their inspiration and perspiration

I was…

Touched by their kindness

Impressed by their togetherness

Strengthened by their courage

Motivated by their desires

Humbled by their sacrifice

Stirred by their desires

Awestruck by their possibilities

Enthralled by their sensitivity

They left me…






Three weeks with these world-changers wildly, well, and wisely spent. An amazing investment!

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