1. Q: When are the summer assignments?
    A: June 3-July 28, 2022 (Arrive on June 3, Training sessions begin on the morning of June 5th)
  2. Q: How much do these assignments cost?
    A: The posted budget for Chile is +/- $8,800. Please see the Chile 2023 page for more info.
  3. Q: When is the deadline?
    A: January 18, 2023
  4. Q: What if it’s a NAYC this year – and I want to attend?
    A: That’s no problem. Just let us know if you would like to leave in time to attend. We encourage as many as possible to attend to assist with promotion in the NSP booth area while it’s fresh on your mind.
  5. Q: What are the age requirements?
    A: Applicants must be at least 18 years old at time of departure.
  6. Q: Is Next Steps the same as AIM?
    A: The Next Steps program is precursor to our Associates in Missions (AIM) program. It provides 3 weeks of intensive on site training overseas followed by 5 weeks of apprenticeship. It bridges the AYC (Youth Ministries) and AIM (Global Missions) programs as well as provides training relevant to cross-cultural ministry for use at home or abroad.
  7. Q: Where would I be staying while on assignment?
    A: Accommodations range from hostels to all inclusive motel, hotel and/or suites. Each assignment is different.
  8. Q: How do I apply?
    A: Visit our application page here.
  9. Q: How long does the application process take?

    A: PHASE ONE: Minutes

    Once we have an electronic application, application fee payment, and signed Insurance Liability Waiver, we begin processing an application; if any of those elements are missing it will delay the start of the application process. This takes minutes to initiate.

    A: PHASE TWO: 1-2 Weeks

    On the next business day after receipt of items in Phase One, we send a link and instructions to your pastor for his/her recommendation. This can take a while depending on if the correct email address was provided on the application; so be sure to have the most recent one before submitting yours to avoid delay. Each week we send a reminder as necessary. Most pastors are filling out the form within a week or two.

    A: PHASE THREE: 2 Weeks

    A follow-up is sent to both our country and regional representatives for input. This can take a few weeks due to their travel in remote areas, etc. If it is done quicker than this, we move right along to the next step.

    A: PHASE FOUR: 1-2 Weeks

    Once the necessary representatives give their input, an application is submitted for a Global Missions Administrative Committee approval which meets once a week on Thursday. Immediately upon approval, an approval email is sent to the approved applicant as a courtesy.

    A: PHASE FIVE 1 Week

    The approved application is moved to the UPCI Finance department for assignment of a UPCI account number used by each Next Steps participant to track any funds sent to or requested from Global Missions. Once this is assigned, a welcome packet with an assignment guide is then sent out to the approved participant.

  10. Q: What should I do while I’m waiting?
    A: Make sure to get your passport ordered soon if you need one. If you have one, be sure there will be at least 6 months left on it at the time of your departure from the field. Currently, the average wait for a passport is 6-8 weeks. Expedited and rush services are available for extra fees. To find out more, click HERE.
    A: Typically, we suggest to start monitoring air ticket pricing in November (see video in the Purchasing Your Airfare toggle). Additionally, we send out a helpful hints/packing guide in early-mid April for each assignment that will most likely answer most of your questions. However, if you have further questions at any time, please send us a message.



Each Next Steps Assignment has it’s own budget. Included are three main categories.

  • Airfare – you purchase your own ticket unless otherwise instructed (rare).
  • Tuition – you make two non-refundable tuition payments in the Spring before departure which covers accommodations and other prepaids of varying degrees (i.e. transport, some food, some excursion).
  • Incidentals – you hang onto these funds for expenses on, or related to, the field (i.e. laundry, food, transport, entrance visa, medical insurance, required vaccines, etc.)
  • **The expense of obtaining a passport is not included.

The total budget is indicated on the apply page. The Anatomy of a budget is usually ready by the first of November and sent to those who are approved.



Tuition covers two months of accommodation based on single, double, and sometimes triple occupancy. In addition to your accommodations, tuition also may cover some of the following items below. When you receive your assignment-specific budget, each item covered by tuition will be identified. You can expect a total tuition of anywhere from $2,500-$4,200 (plus airfare and incidentals).

  • transportation
  • food
  • admin fees
  • excursion funds


  • 1st Tuition Payment: March 8, 2023
  • 2nd Tuition Payment: April 24, 2023


  • You can enlist people to support you through one-time or reoccurring donations with our partner program, Mobile Cause. Instructions about this are included in the approval packet.
  • For amounts not already in your Global Missions project/account, you may pay via credit or debit card through our Mobile Cause giving portal. We’ll send a link a week before payment is due for your convenience.



No fundraising for this one! Whew!

Each year we are blessed by Youth Ministries as they invest forward into the Next Steps program. They provide eight Move The Mission $1,500 scholarships! Wow! Deadline is February 1st 2023. Following are docs you need to be familiar with as well as a link to the application.


You may set up an account to solicit funds through Mission Possible that will be transferred directly to the Next Steps program account when tuition payment time rolls around once you initiate the transfer.


Short-Term Missions has partnered with GiveSmart Fundraise, providing you with an option to solicit one-time or reoccurring donations (not sales) online via credit card. These transactions won’t stick you with a big tax bill at the end of the year. More info about this is provided in the Assignment Guide, sent with the approval packet.




Arrival on the field: by 06/03/23

Please depart North America to arrive on the field by Saturday June 3.

*Note: Please pay attention to the “+1” or “+2” arrival date notices on your itinerary. Any time you travel from one date to the next, there will be a notice on your itinerary. Because you’ll be traveling to countries with a time difference ahead of North America, don’t assume you’ll depart from home and arrive on location the same day…except for when you return home from the field (and then it’s kinda freaky, like time travel).

Departure from the field: on 07/28/23

If this is a NAYC year, you may arrange to leave a few days earlier than the last day of the assignment.


Now that you know where you need to go, here are a few tips and tricks put together by one our staffers and Former Next Stepper, Ashton Loyd. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


The three weeks of training covers the following topics (with a little tweaking due to instructor availability).


In addition to introducing you to the nation and region, we spend the first week reflecting on and sharing from the Word about who God is and who we are…in Christ. This enables us to start the assignment knowing we are empowered to do things beyond our own limitations. In this first week, we encourage all participants to dive in!


Transitioning away from a focus on ourselves, the second week of training brings the nation and region into sharper focus. You’ll continue picking up missions content but will be able to really start putting concepts to use in this week. Some of our favorite sessions come from praying on-site with insight and learning practical and mighty concepts around the idea of spiritual warfare.


Week three begins to shed some light on the questions so many have concerning missions and the big and little picture of it in their lives. Find out what opportunities are available for your involvement in the future. Hear the heartbeat of Global Missions leaders as they cast a vision and make the great need for “goers” abundantly clear. In this final week of training we prepare you for service on the field and commission you to do the work of a missionary during your apprenticeship.


The apprenticeship portion of your assignment is more than “busy work.” Yes, you may do chores, or help in ways you’ve never thought of before; this is because we want you to see a life in missions as it is (keeping in mind it is different from region to region).

Here is a short list of some of the things, but limited to these things, you may do as you work through your missionary internship:

  • Children’s ministry
  • MK Education assistance
  • Chroale/Singing/Music
  • Service schedule prep
  • Preaching/Teaching/Training
  • Bible studies
  • Interaction with local schools
  • English as a Second Language classes
  • Community service
  • Painting/Repairs to local churches
  • Outreach efforts
  • Camps/Conferences
  • One-on-one evangelism
  • Graphics/Design/Computer work
  • IT/AV/Sound


Next Steps