• $7,600
    Of this total budget, you will send a $2,144 to your Global Missions account in two payments in the Spring (see below) to cover accommodations, transport on location, and various other fees. You will need $2,956 on hand for food, medical insurance, yellow fever vaccine, offerings, and communication expenses. And you may need up to $2,500 for your airfare (any funds you save on airfare are funds you do not need to raise, so you can deduct it from the total budget).


  • 1st Payment: $1,000 March 7, 2022
  • 2nd Payment: $1,144 April 22, 2022


It is very important you understand the Next Steps cancellation/refund policy prior to applying for an assignment.

  • If you cancel after the first tuition payment you forfeit any refund on your tuition payments as they are non-refundable. In extenuating circumstances, you may appeal this policy, but any resulting refund, up to 85%, will be contingent on what we can get back from down payments already spent on your behalf for hotels, meals, transport and excursions. (You may also be at risk of losing the money you spent on airfare.)
  • If we cancel you will receive 100% of your tuition payment(s) back, unless you opt to upgrade to AIM or switch to a different assignment.


  • We know you want to have enough money avaialable for two months on the field, so we make every effort to provide an accurate budget for your assignment. Once you’ve purchased your airfare and paid your tuition payments, make sure you have the “incidentals” funds available for use while you’re on the field.
  • Any money saved on airfare purchase is money you can deduct from your overall budget. Yes!
  • Budgets do not include passport acquisition, luggage fees, souvenirs, or spending money outside of what you need for meals, transport and offerings.
  • Be sure to check with your bank about international processing fees when using your debit/credit card. Plan ahead to get the kind of account you’ll need.



No fundraising for this one! Whew!

Each year we are blessed by Youth Ministries as they invest forward into the Next Steps program. They provide eight Move The Mission $1,500 scholarships! Wow! Deadline is February 1st 2022. Following are docs you need to be familiar with as well as a link to the application.



You may set up an account to solicit funds through Mission Possible that will be transferred directly to the Next Steps program account when tuition payment time rolls around once you initiate the transfer. These donations are not tax-deductible for donors.


Short-Term Missions has partnered with Mobile Cause to give you a way to solicit one-time or reoccurring donations (not sales) online via credit card that won’t stick you with a big tax bill at the end of the year. More info about this is provided in the Assignment Guide. *These donations are tax-deductible for donors. You may not donate to yourself.


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